Minecraft – The Mosaic Museum Parkour Map

The Mosaic Museum Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

After the death of your Uncle, a great painter, you find yourself driving along the old, beaten road. After losing control of the wheel and crashing, you wander into the woods only to find a mysterious old museum. What significance does this place have? How did it get there? Will you be able to solve… The Mosaic Museum.

This map has 3 difficulties to choose from and can also be played with up to 2 players! If you want to play multiplayer, you also should be using this resource pack:

Map takes an average of about 20mins, depending on the difficulty you choose and your skill level. This map has a lot of parkour, but also some story, so expect lots of cool effects.

Custom 3D models.
3 Modes of Difficulty.
20+ Minute Gameplay.
Many special audio and visual effects.
Parkour-based Puzzles.
Many parkour-based mechanics.
Character Backstory.

Additional Info:
If you spawn somewhere strange, do /tp 39 19 -16
The snapshot servers sometimes have small bugs with subtitles, if this happens to you just re-log into the server until it stops having errors.


File Details:1.8 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – The Mosaic Museum Parkour Map -


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