Minecraft – The Lost Treasure Adventure Map

The Lost Treasure Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

The big storm crushed your pirate ship near the mysterious island. You are the only one who survived.

Escape the sinking ship and explore these strange shores.

Seek for the answers what happened before on this island and try to find the only real pirate dream – the Lost Treasure.



  • Singleplayer.
  • You beat the game only when you find the chest named “The Lost Treasure”.



  • Opening inventory (“E”) and holding cursor over the itemsometimes can give you more information about that item.
  • Carefully read all the books you find because they reveal the story and can help you where to go next.
  • The Pirate Map (screenshot section below) shows where to go next if you are lost and use it only if the books haven’t helped you, the map does not reveal all map destinations (it is just some help from the start of the game).
  • Keep your items, maybe some of them you will need later, you can drop some unnecessary food or some stones (at the certain time dropping items can help crossing the obstacle).



  • Difficulty – at least EASY.
  • Render distance – MIN 8 (normal).
  • Dynamic lights (optional) – FANCY (torch can help illuminating everything around player when held in hand in the night or dark place).



  • Resource packs – Naturus (recommended: Clouds-OFF, Stars-OFF).
  • Shaders – Chocapic13v6 (recommended: Clear water-OFF).
  • Skin – Pirate (choose one you like).



  • Have you enjoyed the map (this is my first map to post public and I would like to hear your opinion).
  • How many Easter Eggs you have found and which one.
  • What the next map should be about (I have already 3 maps in beta stage: The Golden Apple, Interstellar and The Cursed Train, trailers will be released soon).






Credits: BEZAR

File Details:4 MB / ZIP
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