Minecraft – The Legend of The Blue Tide: Episode 2 Adventure Map

The Legend of The Blue Tide: Episode 2 Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.2

First map, you set on a voyage with no plan nor perspective on what could happen – you simply let the stars decide your fate. You landed in a small town with many big questions, such as: Why am I here? Why is the Citadel so important? What mysteries lie within Myrefall? You followed what seemed to be a wild goose chase, but for what reason? You didn’t think too much into it, you simply went with the flow and let whatever would happen, happen. But look where that brought you. Don’t you think it all could’ve been already planned out, even simulated? Or was it all just a mere coincidence?

The Legend of the Blue Tide series comes out with its sequel map, the Venture of Monscollis, which takes the ideas and challenges of the first map and throws them head-over-heels. The content in this map is far more detailed and intricate than the last, yet it forces the player to think outside of the box going through the storyline. The map will not actively walk the player through the campaign as many maps do. Instead, it will give enough guidance to let him/her roam free.

The Venture of Monscollis features many custom-scripted mechanics, such as a fully-interactive blast furnace, a universal security clearance system, a fully-embedded resource pack, and an interactive passcode system.

This map also contains many different styles of Minecraft maps, such as trivia, parkour, mazes, puzzles, mining, trading, PvE, and questing. This challenging thrill ride of a story takes the player through abandoned mines, experimental laboratories, alien-inhabited lands, and much more. Based on the sheer content, this map provides the player with approximately 3-4 hours of action-packed content.

Feature List;

  • Singleplayer
  • Custom textures, sounds, items (embedded)
  • Custom produced music
  • Custom item shops
  • Custom loot tables for block drops
  • Custom mobs
  • Interactive dialogues
  • Pre-programmed machines and mechanics
  • Unique 5-level questing system

Credits: EOSAND

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