Minecraft – The Kitatcho Laboratories Chapter 1 (Reboot) Puzzle Map

The Kitatcho Laboratories Chapter 1 (Reboot) Puzzle Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.3

Hello there, and welcome to the infamous Kitatcho Laboratories! You are TS-03. The third-ever test subject at this facility, and today you’ll be making your way through 15 of the Kitatcho Laboratories High-Tech Puzzle Chambers!

These tests will range from placing slimeballs on pressure plates, bouncing off of slime blocks, using an electrical wrench with redstone, jumping with an added boost, swimming (sometimes through lava!), and even walking on sticky surfaces that contain substances that no one really knows what they are (It’s best not to think about it)!

I hope you look forward to trying out our tests, and we hope to join you at the conclusion of the testing track for our Testers Reward Program, where we hand-crafted a reward built specifically for you!


  • 15 original chambers that progress in difficulty as you play!
  • A fully voice-acted story!
  • An original soundtrack to listen to during the puzzles (copyright free, don’t worry YouTubers)!
  • A new and original texture pack to add to the immersion!
  • Lots of secrets to find during your testing adventure!
  • Slimeballs. Lots and lots of slimeballs.

Why A Reboot?

This map is a reboot of an old series me and a few friends made back in 2015 (which later got an updated version in 2017) which became one of the most popular story-driven puzzle maps for Minecraft! While I look back on the older map with fond memories, I couldn’t help but think of new ways to improve it each time I went back to it.

So I’ve decided to reboot the series and work on the franchise again from the ground up! This time around I’m putting my all into this map and I think what me and my team managed to create is something you guys will enjoy a lot!


Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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