Minecraft – The King of Parkour Land Map

The King of Parkour Land Map mod for Minecraft.

Welcome to Parkour Land!

Inspired by the aesthetic design from “Donkey Kong Country Returns” and “Tropical Freeze”, this is a parkour map like none other. In this map, you will be exploring highly detailed sandbox levels, ranging from canyon cliffs to the snowy mountains in the northern hemisphere. Your objective in each level is to reach the end goal by jumping (of course) and using various parkour skills. Each level offers its own set of unique challenges and will determine you as the true King of Parkour Land.

In addition, you will also be tasked with finding hidden collectibles scattered around every level. Doing this will grant you access to a concluding Bonus Level!

Do you have what it takes to be King of Parkour Land?


  • 5 uniquely themed, non-linear sandbox levels with increasing difficulty.
  • 4 Crystal Stones to acquire (unlocks the 5th level).
  • 100 hidden Gold Coins to find.
  • An extra redacted secret (unlocks a special level).
  • Version: Vanilla Java Edition 1.14.4 (optifine is approved).
  • Latest Build: v1.0
  • Playtime Length: Estimate is 2 hours, will depend on the player skill.
  • Players: Built for 1 player only. 2 player or higher might ruin gameplay. Example: If player 1 fails a jump, player 2 will share the penalty due to Command Block restrictions.
  • Render Distance: Minimum 10 chunks (for “execute commands” to trigger).


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