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Minecraft – The Journey Outwards Survival Map

The Journey Outwards Survival Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.1

One day after a catarophe struck the earth, you are put into a centre and the only thing to do is to venture out to see what happened to the world. However, all is left is a couple of islands lingering around. You must survive in the void and Complete the Monument if you ever want to find out what happened during the tragic day.


  • 14 different missions, all eventually taking you to the end of the story.
  • From getting to the end city to the nether
  • A little bit of parkour
  • A secret Easter Egg in the Nether
  • A crazy ending
  • A sneak peak of my next map
  • Survival Skills and crafting, mob killing, etc, is a must.

Will you make it to the end and find out what happened that tragic day? Or will you die while trying to find out? Play “The Journey Outwards” today for an exciting journey.


File Details:2.7 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – The Journey Outwards Survival Map - Modsup.com

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