Minecraft – The Heist Puzzle Map

The Heist Puzzle Map for Minecraft Version 1.14.4

Crimcorp is Bankcrupt, and it is your job to revert that. Agent 002 you have been assigned to operation Heist, the greatest robbery of time. Delve into the depths of the Bank Of America whilst you try to rob it. This cross Adventure-Puzzle map is bound to test your skills. Will you be successful? Or will you be caught?

The Heist is a new minecraft experience where we’ve mixed a puzzle map with an adventure map. You wake up in Crimcorps “new” HQ. Driven into bankruptcy by a tighten up in National Security it is now your job to rob 75% of America’s wealth. There are 10 unique levels of security which you will have to make your way through such as Changing Mazes, Build Battle, Memory Puzzles and so much more. Then if you make it all the way to puzzle 10, Zenzog is bound to stop you… With custom sounds, textures, and music this is a one of a kind map. Will you do the boss proud and restore Crimcorp to it’s former glory?


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