Minecraft – The Einstein Maze Map

The Einstein Maze Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

A maze inspired by the “Labyrinth of Einstein”. An exciting and simple game; two features that can keep you playing for hours until you can not find the exit.

Find The exit

No mob, you can enjoy peace.
144 rooms to confuse the ideas.
Only one way out.
Food to survive … to hunger.
Very difficult.
Quick and easy.
No graphics package.
No jumpscare.
No Bug problem … is a light map.
Fast Download.
Hours of gameplay.
A game that crazy.
Fully tested and working.
A unique labyrinth.
Iron Gates and buttons.
Easy and bright feel.

Test:This mod not tested!

Credit(s): AXE00

Download - Minecraft – The Einstein Maze Map

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