Minecraft – Temple of the Lost Titan Adventure Map

Temple of the Lost Titan Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.1

Temple of the Lost Titan is a multiplayer adventure/puzzle map designed for 1-5 players (works best with 2-4). The map can be played without any mod/resource packs however was built with BSL Shaders in mind.

The players start off in an old forest when they stumble upon a temple. They soon realize this temple was rumored to have dubious amounts of gold to those who seek it. Determined, the adventurers enter the temple and immediately feel a dark sensation.

They never could have been prepared for what they would find…

Will you make it out with all the treasure? Or fall victim to what creatures lie within?


  • Parkour
  • Player vs Mob
  • Puzzle Rooms
  • Different Loadouts
  • Background Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Crawling Tunnels
  • Mazes


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