Minecraft – Swift Sprinters Parkour Map

Swift Sprinters Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.8

You’ve angered the giant! Complete the randomly generated levels to escape! Can you outrun the giant?

This map has many randomly generated levels. They vary in lenght, speed and more! Complete the levels by reaching the end without dying or the giant catching up to you!

The levels in this map have a variety of themes, this includes, but is not limited to: Plains, Spaceship, Desert, City and Castle. Some of the levels require you to defeat enemies or to complete ‘mini quests’, while others are perfect for speed running!

In this map there are special abilities, such as climbing and sliding. You can also unlock items that can help you, by completing levels. Items for example can make you faster or stronger!

Another feature of this map is to track your score & highscore. If you get a higher score than before in a certain level this new highscore will be saved and you can see it on a sign in the level selection room! Tell us your highscores! Can you beat our highscores?

  • McTsts
  • EnderPig
  • marhjo
  • MrKukurykpl
  • rafakado
  • NemPlayer
  • Green Greeny
  • Troller4Ever
  • Stalkative

Credit(s): MCTSTS

Download - Minecraft – Swift Sprinters Parkour Map

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