Minecraft – Survive Komodo Island Map

Survive Komodo Island Map for Minecraft Version 1.15.2

  • The maps saying “Monitor 1: No input signal” are TV- or computer screens. 
  • All the other maps showing signs are made by me in an exact chunk.
  • No texture or resource pack necessary, but shaders may enhance the experience.


  • Volcano Observatory
  • Communication Antenna Tower
  • Container Port + Container Ship
  • Oil Refinery + Tanker
  • International Airport
  • Cargo Warehouse
  • Small Cement Plant
  • Construction Site
  • Bus Depot
  • Gas Stations
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Hospital
  • Two Beach Hotels
  • Lighthouse
  • Beach + Yacht
  • Elementary School
  • Church
  • Town Hall
  • Town Square
  • Residential Area
  • Townhouse Quarter
  • Office Buildings
  • Bank
  • A Low-end Residential Area In The Industrial District
  • Sewer With Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Parking Garages
  • Grade 6-12 High School With Various Sport Fields
  • Zoo
  • A Large Residential Area With More Than 20 Unique Suburb-style Houses
  • Car Ferry Terminal + Car Ferry
  • Another Lighthouse
  • Another Hotel
  • Casino
  • Cinema
  • Another Restaurant
  • Condominium-building
  • Grocery Store And Pharmacy

All buildings are furnished and contain loot. The items you find mostly resembles the items common in their location. (Fridge=food, closets=string, leather, metal nuggets (Cloth and jewelry))

The difficulty is normal by default. Try lighting up areas if you struggle with high enemy spawns.

Credits: EIVISXP

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