Minecraft – Survival Island Extreme! Map

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Survival Island Extreme! Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to Survival Island Extreme! In this map you must complete 20 challenges while surviving on this island!

Around the map, you will also find Structures with loot to help you out with your journey!

The Nether and the End have not been changed so you can gather the resources you need!

If you a Lets Play, Feel free to send me your first episode. I would love to watch it!

Map Settings & Rules:

  • Render Distance – Normal is Recommended
  • Brightness – Bright
  • Optifine is Recommended
  • Play on Normal
  • Don’t Cheat Items from Creative


File Details:7 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Survival Island Extreme! Map - Modsup.com

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