Minecraft – Super Steve Bros Game Map

Super Steve Bros Game Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.4

A 2D game map where you play as Steve in the world of Super Mario Bros! 

This map is a partial recreation of Super Mario Bros, featuring 8 worlds and 32 Custom Levels.

In this map you goal is to reach the flag pole at the end of each level. You can stomp on enemies such as Goomba and Koopa. 

Collecting 100 coins yield you a 1up. You can also find power-ups.

Power Ups:

  • Mushroom: Make you bigger and allow you to break brick
  • Fire Flower: Allow you to throw fireball by Right Clicking
  • Star: Make you Invincible for few seconds

Important: Change View bobbing Setting to OFF

Credits: THEBLUEMAN003

Download Link #1

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