Minecraft – Super Run Parkour Map

Super Run Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

In this parkour map, there are 10 different levels to go across. Each of them have multiple different obstacles to get through using jump pads, levitation pads, death pads, and a golden coin pad.

You can also gain coins during your run and whenever you beat a level. They are available for use in the shop.

If you’re having trouble on your current level, look for the PowerUp Items that can give you a hand. If you’re purely there for the particles, then buy away from the 4 different particle choices!


  • 10 different and unique levels
  • Earn coins by playing levels
  • Buy items and particles in the shop
  • 4 different pads that give you a challenge
  • QuickDeath ability to speed up death in the void
  • +Tons and tons of fun!


  • Players: Singleplayer
  • Map Difficulty: Medium/Hard Difficulty


File Details:429 KB / ZIP
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