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Minecraft – Super Ladder Battle Royal PVP Map

Super Ladder Battle Royal PVP Map Minecraft Version 1.11 Map Version 1.2

This map has many additional fun features included with it to make the experience even more wacky and enjoyable. Some of these features include the large choice of hats and trails to make you look all fancy and better than your opponents, several different arenas and game modifiers, as well as some custom items which will aid you in winning!

The six arenas available in this map are:

  • Classic Map
  • Snowflake Skies
  • A Sticky Situation
  • The Tree of LiberTree
  • The Mine
  • Nether Again

The game modifiers which you can use to spice the game up a little are:

  • Insane Item Mode – Makes item boxes more likely to contain better items!
  • TNT Rain Mode – TNT will rain from the sky and blow up the arena!
  • Nausea Mode – All players are given nausea to make it difficult to work out what you’re doing!
  • Super Jump Mode – All players are given an INSANE level of jump boost!
  • Panic Mode – The arena will begin crumbling after 15 seconds instead of 60 seconds!
  • Low Lag Mode – Reduces lag for players with less powerful computers by removing the effect of the blocks breaking. Also makes the arena crumble silently, so you can’t hear it sneaking up on you!

And then there are the custom items:

  • Fireball – Place down a fireball which you can punch towards your opponents!
  • Cat Ball – Fire these at your opponents to spawn cats on them! Good for nudging them off of ladders!
  • Grenade – Throw grenades at your opponents which explode on impact!
  • Flying Squid Bombs – These float upwards for a bit, then explode! A hilarious way to attack people above you!
  • Bat Bomb – Spawns a bat which flies around for a few seconds, then explodes!
  • Random Bomb – Immediately explodes on a random player! Be careful – it could even choose you!


Test: This mod not tested!

File Details:1.5 MB / ZIP
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