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Minecraft – Sledding Custom Commands Map

Sledding Custom Commands Map Minecraft Version 1.11 Map Version 1.0

This command adds sleds into your world that you can ride down hills with!

The resource pack included with the download is required for the command to work.

How to Use:

  • You can craft a sled with 16 planks and 4 iron ingots. You will need to throw them on the ground to create the sled.
  • Look straight down and hold “Shift” to place it.
  • Then mount it like a horse and (also like a horse) ride it down a slope!
  • Once done, pick it back up by holding “Shift” and looking straight up.

How to Use Custom Commands:

  • Install the Resource Pack by copying it into the resourcepacks folder.
  • Enter Creative Mode and obtain a Command Blockby entering /give @p command_block into the chat.
  • Place the Command Block down, right click it and paste all of the command from the .txt file into it.
  • Enable the Command Block by placing a Redstone Torch next to it.


File Details:1 MB / ZIP
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