Minecraft – SkyTower Puzzle Map

SkyTower Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

SkyTower is a puzzle map with elements of parkour. Parkour isn’t hard, so don’t worry!

There are 9 levels and 3 dusts to complete them. They are: Levitation, Resistance, Le@#*%^$0+.

Hard levels include small puzzle game. If you don’t know how to complete level, use Free Cheats (But time of your walkthrough wouldn’t be recorded)

Also you can set English or Russian language!

By Genfrield

Hall of Fame:


  • Mauzer
  • Demaster
  • VyacheslavOO


Credit(s): GENFRIELD

Download - Minecraft – SkyTower Puzzle Map

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