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Minecraft – Skyprogress Survival Map

Skyprogress Survival Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Map Info:

This custom map is an evolution of SkyBlock with a lot of other things. The objectives are:
1. Get progress, enriching and get a lot of materials to create your own empire.
2. Complete the monument.
3. Complete all the objectives.
The are a lot of new things than a normal SkyBlock:
A shop where you can sell and buy objects;
You can build ores generators;
There is a mega mine where you can mine and find some dungeons;
There is a crate that you can open to earn common, rare, epic and legendary items;
There is a monument that you have to complete and some other objectives. It consist of different pedestals. If you complete them, you will earn different rewards;
There are a lot of islands with differents biomes.


Don’t change gamemode
Don’t use any bug
Don’t cheating
Don’t change difficulty
Don’t destroy item frame
Set render distance to 16-18 or the map NOT WORK!
Have fun!

Additional Info:

Play in 1.11x, not tested for 1.12

100% compatible for multiplayer

Map By Team Engine: Devoid3323 & DevoidZeus3323


File Details:1.2 MB / RAR
Download Minecraft – Skyprogress Survival Map - Modsup.com

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