Minecraft – Skyblock Unfinite Survival Map

Skyblock Unfinite Survival Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.2

This is a skyblock that I have been working on for a long time.

This map has 27 islands in total, 20 in the overworld and 7 in the nether. The end has not been modified.

Almost every island has custom terrain, custom houses, and custom mobs. The spawn island that you first spawn in is technically not an island because you cannot place/break any blocks on that island.

When you are ready to start the game, head over to the start sign and click the button and you will spawn on the home island.

But remember one mistake could mean that you would have to start over. In order to really complete the game, you must find a dragon head in the end and take it to the overworld.

After you get the dragon head, you must go to the village and trade it with a villager located outside.

Then you must buy his book and then find 4 other villagers that trade the other 4 books. Once you have obtained book 5, you must go to the bedrock island and place the book in the dispenser.


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