Minecraft – Sky Scapers Game Map

Sky Scapers Game Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.3

Welcome to Sky Scapers! (1.16+) Soar through the sky, or fire beams at your friends in a fast-paced elytra-based minigame!

This map can support any number of players! (1+)

To start, players are divided into two teams – Seekers or Scapers. The objective of the Seekers is to knock down all of the other players using an instant-fire wand, while the objective of the Scapers is to soar through a large environment and survive the onslaught of the Seekers.

Game Modes:

There are three different game modes available for playing:

Classic Mode – (2+)

  • (1) Seeker, (1+) Scapers
  • The seeker’s goal is to eliminate the scapers flying around the arena.
  • Score: Total time ÷ total Scapers.

Target Shootout – (1+)

  • (1+) Seeker
  • The objective is to eliminate as many targets within the time period as possible.
  • Score: Total targets destroyed.
  • Not recommended for large numbers of players…

Sky Snipers – (2+)

  • (1+) Scapers
  • The scapers’ goal is to eliminate the other scapers in a free-for-all.
  • Score: N / A


Custom Models!

  • Wands
  • Powerups
  • Other fun surprises…


  • Fly through a powerup to activate it.
  • Learn about each powerup’s use and gamemodes in the Tutorial Cave.


Keep track of the champion by setting high scores!

  • Classic Mode – Lower score is better.
  • Target Shootout – Higher score is better.


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