Minecraft – Sky Parkour Map

Sky Parkour Map for Minecraft Version 1.15.2

Sky Parkour is a map which requires skill and decent parkour abilities in order to complete. There are 9 different stages which vary in difficulty and can take about 20 minutes without failure but up to 2 hours if there are points where you struggle. I am certain that it will be a challenge for most people but none of the jumps are impossible.


This map can be played on both multiplayer and singleplayer, however it is probably best to play in singleplayer as checkpoints are awarded to everyone in the Trophy Room once a stage is complete by anyone. But it is completely fine if you play with friends if you want to have a bit more fun.

There are 9 different stages of parkour with checkpoints for everyone playing which you can use in the Trophy Room after completing a stage. Most of the stages are difficult to complete, but they are quite short just to balance things out with a slight twist on the final level which you can find out when you play the map.

All of the jumps have been tested and are possible. I am sure that you will die a few times, but you will be learning and improving on your parkour skills as you play, so try not to rage quit. Parkour tested by Pikaaaa, Cakespace, akrea and mlepclayyy.

There is no specific texture pack needed for this parkour map and you can use your preferred video settings. PvP and Fall Damage has been turned off, which will help with your parkour experience.

Credits: PIKAAAA

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