Minecraft – Shrouded Survival Map

Shrouded Survival Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

Shrouded is the first Survival Map of its kind; by editing the gamma value in the options text file to a negative number, the player can have a truly unique experience.


  • Controlled mob spawning!
  • Daylight cycle starts when you press “Play!”
  • Multitude of biomes (ranging from the hot-hot Mesas to the cold-cold Snowy Biomes)!
  • Ore Spawns!
  • And much more! Play the map for yourself!


  • 1. Set your gamma to value “-1.0” in the .minecraft “options” text file and restart the game or else this map is rendered useless!
  • 2. You cannot play this map with Optifine or else this map is rendered useless! Use a non-Optifine/Forge/modded launcher.
  • 3. If you make a video series of this map, then please credit me and put the map download in the description.
  • 4. Either set your Render Distance to 2 (Easy Mode) or Max (Hard Mode). Anything in between 2-24 ruins the experience of “true darkness” and becomes useless.
  • 5. Do NOT travel to the Nether yet. This will be added in a later update as complications held me back from completing this.
  • 6. Do NOT utilize Night Vision. You are basically neglecting the challenge.


Coming soon!

This is only version 1.0. Improvements can be made by suggesting them!


Download - Minecraft – Shrouded Survival Map

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