Minecraft – Secret Rooms Puzzle Map

Secret Rooms Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.1

In Secret Rooms, You have to collect 5 different artifacts. Seems simple right? But that’s just scraping the surface! Each treasure is located in its own Secret Room which are hidden in plain sight!

Throughout this map you must learn how to access these rooms using simple minecraft tricks. Each room can be created in a survival setting, meaning no room is opened through trickery of commands or random methods (such as crouch 7 times and a door opens).

The map is split into 5 levels, each a different unique setting. Hidden in these 5 levels are the 5 previously mentioned artifacts which hold the key to moving on. Each artifact has its own secret room, making a total of 25 secret rooms. This map IS multiplayer compatible, and it will not matter whose inventory the artifacts are kept in.

Get stuck? In each level you are provided a TIP Book in which contains hints of how to access each room, sorted by the artifact contained within. Tips WILL be tallied when used so if your up for a challenge, try going for no tips! If you mess up and lose an item, the book can be dropped to reset the chests within the room.

Can you complete all 5 levels of Secret rooms?

Special Info:

  • This map IS Multiplayer Compatible
  • This map is only compatible in Minecraft Version 1.11.2
  • Sounds are recommended (who likes a quiet map?)



  • Fixed Lvl 4 Netherstar.
  • Updated Tips.
  • Official Walkthrough made.

Credit(s): BROZZIEST

Download - Minecraft – Secret Rooms Puzzle Map

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