Minecraft – Seasonal Scavenger Hunt Finding Map

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt Finding Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.2

The goal is to go around and find them all hidden in Adventure Mode! You can play single player or have a group of Minecrafters all join and see who can collect the most before they are all found!

The objective is to find all 35 chocolate bars scattered across the pumpkin patch/amusement park! They are hidden behind parkour, puzzles, attractions, and more! The map works best with 1-4 players but can be played with up to 8 if you have a big enough party.

Single Player:

– Find all 35 by yourself


– Find the most in the group.


  • Parkour
  • Puzzle Rooms
  • Hidden Objects
  • Sound Effects
  • Crawling Tunnels
  • Mazes


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