Minecraft – Scorched Puzzle Map

Scorched Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

“Jump…Jump…Jump” Sounds easy right? Nope! Scorched is a challenge map made by nerd0101 where your challenge is pressing the space key…at the right time.

The goal of this map is simple: Jump over all the smoke without touching it. If you do you will be “scorched,” and as a result, take damage. You will always have enough health to withstand 2 burns and still be alive. Therefore, you have 3 lives and on your 3rd time being “scorched” you will die!

There are 2 different gamemodes in this map: “Free Mode” & “Regular Mode.” In free Mode you have 3 lives and can jump over an unlimited amount of smoke, bringing your score up.

The goal of “Free Mode” is to get the highest score possible. In “Regular Mode” you have 3 lives and have to survive various amounts of smoke depending on your level. The smoke is random, and it speeds up depending on your level. Timing is crucial 😀

Additional Info:

  • There are 12 Levels in “regular mode”
  • The resource pack is necessary
  • “Free Mode” does not have levels; you just jump until you die
  • The map is multiplayer compatible


  • Jump over smoke without being burned
  • Do not cheat (no scoreboard commands)
  • Make sure the resource pack is working before playing
  • Render distance 8+
  • Particles: ALL (This one is very important)
  • Clouds: OFF
  • Gamemode: 2 (adventure mode)
  • Difficulty: 0 (peaceful)
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Credit(s): NERD0101

Download - Minecraft – Scorched Puzzle Map

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