Minecraft – S.I. Files 2A: Curtain Call Adventure Map

S.I. Files 2A: Curtain Call Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

It was supposed to be a relaxing night at the theatre. Opening night for long awaited ‘Gem of the Lost Isle’ the curtain rises…only to reveal an empty stage. A scream is heard in the dark! The lead star has been kidnapped without a trace! Will you find them or is it their final CURTAIN CALL?

Problems? Comments? General Feedback? I will have a play-through on my YouTube Channel where you can leave comments. I check frequently.


  • Adventure Mode
  • Normal
  • Sound ON
  • Particles MINIMAL
  • Auto Jump OFF


File Details:9.3 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – S.I. Files 2A: Curtain Call Adventure Map -


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