Minecraft – Rewind Puzzle Map

Rewind Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

Map Info:

Rewind offers:

  • 9 challenging levels and a secret bonus level
  • 5 hidden secrets
  • new game mechanics
  • a very different artstyle


Singleplayer Only
Render Distance: ~10 Chunks
Enable Sound
Enable Particles
Play in Minecraft 1.12.x

Special Thanks:


  • Daniel (Patreon, Tester)
  • Wolfdale (Patreon, Tester)
  • KumpelXD (Tester)
  • Naddel_ (Tester)
  • Everybody that plays this map!

This map was a small side project because I wanted to test this new idea for puzzles.

However, there is currently a new gigantic project in progress. My team and I are doing our best to give you, the players an unforgettable experience this time.

Okay, enough advertising for now!

I hope you enjoy playing this map and do not forget to leave feedback in the comments section!

Thank you all very much!



File Details:264 KB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Rewind Puzzle Map -


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