Minecraft – Recipe for Disaster Adventure Map

Recipe for Disaster Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.3

You’re special forces & you’ve been assigned a covert operation by the company you work for. Your mission? Break into a mysterious lab on Planet Kyro to steal a device they have created, what could go wrong? Turns out, a lot…   

  • What could happen if you get stuck in a time loop of alternate dimensions?
  • Singleplayer/Multiplayer
  • Work your way through a secure facility & explore different laboratories.
  • Complete with a custom resource pack including new textures, music & sounds
  • Puzzle/Challenge
  • Includes a couple hidden Easter Eggs
  • Estimated Playtime:45min-1.5hr
  • Being the 2nd Adventure Map I’ve created, any feedback is appreciated!
  • This map took about 2 months to create. Inspired by The Kitatcho Laboratories & Tenet


Download Link #1

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