Minecraft – Randomade! Parkour Map

Randomade! Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.08C

Welcome to randoMADE, a singleplayer parkour map -with puzzle element- where the main goal it’s reach the end of each level and get the title of randoMASTER!

Travel between 10 unique scenario, test your skill and accept the randoMADE CHALLENGE!

Forgotten libraries, Mesa Canyon and much more wait you in this new exciting map!

This is not the usual parkour map. This is randoMADE!

Good luck and have fun!

Before You Start:

  • Make sure you are playing on Minecraft version 1.11.2
  • If playing on a server, enable command blocks
  • Settings, how to play and other info in-game


Download - Minecraft – Randomade! Parkour Map

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