Minecraft – Rainbow Parkour (Dropper) Map

Rainbow Parkour (Dropper) Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

My first map I’ve ever uploaded online. This map is a very difficult and challenging parkour map that took me a few weeks to create!

It has 10 STAGES with 2 checkpoints per level except for the 10th stage which has like 5 checkpoints.

I got over 100 deaths on the fourth stage it is very annoying to get to the second checkpoint on the 4th stage.

I hope you guys really like my first map! If you do like it and want me to make another map like it or different just DM me on twitter. (@RatPlayz98)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my first map!!!!!!


File Details:258 KB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Rainbow Parkour (Dropper) Map -


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