Minecraft – Pyritohedron Adventure Map

Pyritohedron Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.4.2 Map Version 1.0

You are part of a group of researchers that love perfection. Because perfection is the only way to progress, you study every perfect thing in the world and beyond, in order to find what perfection really is and how to applied it to the real world. That’s why the last study subject are the five platonic solids and the worlds inside them. Only by completing their puzzles, you can understand them and help the progress of humanity.

Do you think this doesn’t make much sense? Well, maybe you’re right… only one way to be sure: play this map and tell me!

A perfect silly story with perfect silly characters;
Custom textures for a more perfect feeling;
Custom models for perfect blocks and perfect enemies;
Custom achievements for a perfect player;
An in game timer to measure the perfection of your moves;
1 hour of gameplay, perfect for a let’s play in one take;
No mods required, because Minecraft is perfect as it is.

Are you stuck? No worries, because you can see a perfect video playthrough of the map!


File Details:1.1 MB / ZIP
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