Minecraft – Pumpkin Party Game Map

Pumpkin Party Game Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.4.1

Pumpkin Party is a Halloween-Themed Map with 6 Minigames you can compete in to determine who of your friends wins the fight for the most candies.

The 6 Minigames are: Shooting Gallery Pumpkin Carving Graveyard Mayhem Brewing Contest Spider Run Trick or Treat

This map has Costumes, Minigames, Candies, EasterEggs… Nothing more to be desired for a great Halloween.

Have fun competing with your friends.

Supported Players: 1-11

Note: If the map spawns in creative mode, change it to /gamemode 2

Credit(s): PLAGIATUS

Download - Minecraft – Pumpkin Party Game Map

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