Minecraft – Piglin Casino PVE Map

Piglin Casino PVE Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.1

An adventure to protect the Piglin Casino From the numerous wave of attacks.

A “Tower Defense” Style Map with a twist. The players needed to survive 20 Stages of Attacks on the time given for each stage.

The players will encounter multiple type of enemies for each Stage and the higher the stage, the harder the enemies.

The players is able to do Bartering with Piglin to achieve custom different weapons (with custom rarities) that have different range of stats.


  • 20 – 40 Minutes of Gameplay
  • Custom Bartering System
  • Randomized Custom Weapons
  • Item with Rarity
  • In game Currency
  • Multiple Type of Enemies
  • Leveling System
  • Multiplayer Support

Credits: ROYUGEN

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