Minecraft – Operation Lions Gate Adventure Map

Operation Lions Gate Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 2.0

After losing western Jerusalem to Jordanian forces in 1948 your country, Israel, plans to retake Jerusalem in Operation Lion’s Gate. Your task is to eliminate all enemy Jordanian forces occupying the temple and retake it for Israel.

This map is a historical fiction which depicts fictional events just with some historical background. It has 3 guns in the map to use and many other cool features. In the map, you fight your way through 11 different areas, taking out the enemies and moving on to the next area by jumping through windows, climbing ladders, and blowing up rubble. You can also experience this map with up to 3 players! Multiplayer mode is a feature and was tested on a server, but there can be more lag with more players.

Map takes an average of about 15mins, depending on which difficulty you play on. This is an action based adventure map so expect a lot of combat.


  • Reader-paced text.
  • 15+ Minute Gameplay.
  • Tons of custom 3D models.
  • Vanilla Guns and Gun Combat.
  • C4 and Explosive Effects.
  • Multiplayer Support/Recommended.

Additional Info:

If you spawn somewhere strange, do /tp -51 31 -665

If you want make video, please leave a link on the map trailer or here so I can see it!

Credit(s): CLOUD_WOLF

Download - Minecraft – Operation Lions Gate Adventure Map

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