Minecraft – One Terrible Nightmare Horror Map

One Terrible Nightmare Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

This is my very first Minecraft map I have ever uploaded for people to play!

You realize it’s late, so you head upstairs to get some sleep. All of the sudden, You hear a noise from downstairs.

You go down to check it out. Next thing you know, you realize you’re not even home.

You drift farther away from reality with every step you take. The only question you have is, “IS IT ALL JUST IN MY HEAD?” You can run… but you can’t hide.

You must find the keys that will lead you to clues and get you out of that twisted hell of a nightmare.

Good luck!


  • Don’t switch gamemodes
  • Don’t break blocks unless told so
  • Don’t press F5
  • Try not to close your eyes


Download - Minecraft – One Terrible Nightmare Horror Map

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