Minecraft – Old Skies Creation Map

Old Skies Creation Map Minecraft Version 1.8 Map Version 1.0

Hello everybody!

If you are tired of playing in the already bored standard types of the world, then try playing on my map.

9 square kilometers of floating islands (3072*3072 blocks). Most of the islands are huge, but also hundreds of small islands are scattered across the map. Several differently sized water lakes can be found on the islands.

Also on the map there are many different biomes:

  • winter islands
  • plains island
  • floating mountains (and 1 volcano)
  • desert island
  • red desert
  • normal desert
  • mesa
  • ocean island
  • Jungle island (very close to spawn island)

On this map you can play with mods, all new ores will be generated. But since the islands are at a minimum of 45 blocks, then deeper ores will not be generated.

In most mods, this is easily corrected by changing the configuration.

Credits: V. MARTIAN

File Details:31.4 MB / ZIP
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