Minecraft – Oakdale Research Center Horror Map

Oakdale Research Center Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

The map is a relatively short adventure/horror map by Rottinz where players will play as a security guard for a strange medical facility. Shortly after the night security shift begins infected patients start wreaking havoc on the interior of the research center.

This situation leaves you, the humble security guard, possibly being the only person inside who hasn’t been infected with the new pathogen. To survive you’ll need to rely on speed and basic problem solving. Prepare for excitement, danger, and a few jump scares!

Best of luck! This is one of my first maps so don’t have too high of expectations! Also, keep in mind that a majority of the items you will collect throughout the map are found in shulker boxes which may be dark and blend in with the dark surroundings.

Keep in mind also this is a single player only map. Good luck!

Credits: ROTTINZ

File Details:574 KB / ZIP
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