Minecraft – Nobody Likes Newton Parkour Map

Nobody Likes Newton Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12.1 Map Version 1.0

Believe it, you are creative. But if you are asked to beat your own creativity, are you able to survive all obstacles that are in front of you? Jetpacks, Conveyors, turrets, poisonous clouds, semisolid platforms… Can you beat an extraordinary parkour with plenty of new game mechanics? Find out in Nobody Likes Newton!

New Game Mechanics:

  • Jetpack: collect fuel and use it to boost yourself in the air
  • conveyors: horizontal ones will transport you, you can press shift to hang on vertical conveyors and gain some upwards momentum with that
  • poison clouds: staying in these clouds for too long kills you
  • breakable blocks: they break below you or you can smash through them
  • turrets: a gun that shoots in certain time intervalls
  • grid platforms: sneak to fall through them
  • acid floor: standing on these blocks for too long kills you

General Information:

  • singleplayer only
  • custom story
  • challenging bossfight
  • 22 collectables
  • 3 different worlds, each with 7 levels
  • beautiful lobby
  • custom music
  • performance saving mechanic
  • 80 hours of work

Custom Music:

Each track was composed by SpielmitStil especially for this map. There will not be any problems if you want to use it for Youtube videos. There are 5 different themes that all are remixes of classic/romantic orchestral pieces as a reference to “The End is Nigh”, a platformer that brought a lot of inspiration for this map.


Download - Minecraft – Nobody Likes Newton Parkour Map

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