Minecraft – Mountain Climbing Parkour Map

Climbing Parkour Map for Minecraft Version 1.12.2

The second Mountain Climbing parkour map has arrived!

Mountain Climbing is a unique parkour map where the player has to reach the top of the mountain and each mountain contains one secret button. Finding the secret buttons (and pressing them obviously) will unlock special mountains.

The higher the level the higher the difficulty and size of the mountain, though that isn’t perfect and some mountains may be a slight bit easier than the previous one(s).

This map was made a while ago so that is why the world is an outdated version. The checkpoints may not work. Be careful, one mistake and you could fall all the way to the bottom.

(Note, recently my username has been changed from Z0mbieSlayer999 to Chron0ss, this is said just in case of another mountain climbing map being posted in the future with the name Chron0ss)


  • Creative mode is not recommended.
  • SinglePlayer only (though multiplayer has not been tested)

This map contains 8 mountains, 3 special mountains, and checkpoints (which may not work)

Credits: Z0MBIESLAYER999

Download Link #1

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