Minecraft – MLGDropper Map

MLGDropper Map Minecraft Version 1.9.2 Map Version 1.1

We’re here to propose you an adventure map we made, me and my friend, in around 15 months. The map is called “MLGdrop”, because the principle is to fall on different levels, pass through obstacles, and land on the floor by placing water under you, just before you die! This map combines Dropper (inspired by Bigre’s The Dropper) and a MLG water bucket!

The map has 30 levels, all different from each other (to compare, The Dropper has 19 levels!), from 30 blocks to 250, and they are all well-built. Some MLGs are different and don’t simply need a water bucket, sometimes you need to MLG on a horse, sometimes with a web, sometimes you need to grab your bucket in Mid-air… But we let you discover!

MLGdrop has 3 levels of jumps too, from the easy one to the hard one!

Furthermore, this map is playable in English, AND translated in French!

Test:This mod not tested!

Credit(s): THEO92160_/DARSIBE

Download - Minecraft – MLGDropper Map

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