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Minecraft – Mine Path Game Map

Mine Path Game Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Mine Path is a Mini-Game for 3+ players.

Randomly, A Path Maker and A Spoiler will be chosen. The Path Maker will draw a path for the mine to cross. When they’re done, the game starts, so does the timer.

On one of the two sides of the arena, The Spoiler, and The Path Maker will be on one side, they both can see the drawn path. And they both can see the controls’ directions for the mine, but can’t use them. The Detonators will be on the other side, where they can’t see the right path, nor the controls’ directions, but they can control the mine. The Path Maker will direct The Detonators by telling them the colors they need to press, while The Spoiler is trying to distract them.

The Spoiler can distract The Path Maker by saying the wrong colors, trying to make them laugh or anything. Get creative with it! The Detonators have a minute and a half to detonate the mine. If they fail, The Spoiler Wins. If they succeed, both The Detonators and The Path Maker will win the round.

This map has a “Command Block Tour” feature for those who want to learn a little bit more about Command Blocks. The tour will briefly explain some Command uses for beginners.


Download - Minecraft – Mine Path Game Map

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