Minecraft – Masdome: Halloweens Accident Horror Map

Masdome: Halloweens Accident Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

MasPurfect’s Halloween 2017 Map! A Minecraft horror/adventure map with multiple cutscenes, easter eggs, awesome mechanics, custom advancements and more!

Multiplayer friendly! (Version 1.12.2) You will start in your house, a safe place.

But once you are going on a trip, everything goes wrong.

You will crash and end up in a haunted place with a huge mansion, can you complete the map?

For an extra challenge you could try and complete all the custom advancements shown in your Quest Book!

This is not needed to complete the map!

This map contains some jumpscares! 😀

-MasPurfect (MasMenno & WoutPurfect)


File Details:21.5 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Masdome: Halloweens Accident Horror Map - Modsup.com


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