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Minecraft – Mario Kart In Minecraft Game Map

Mario Kart In Minecraft Game Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.4.1

Now supports 1.12 (still good for 1.11.2)

An adaptation of Mario Kart. It’s a combat racing minigame with loads of tracks, gamemodes, options, and unlockables.

It’s best enjoyed in multiplayer, but it’s fully playable in singleplayer.

There are 20 race tracks, 20 mirror tracks (flipped and set in the dark world), 9 battle arenas, and 5 special bonus tracks. Every race track has par times to beat in order to earn medals.

The built-in level editor also allows you to create your own tracks or edit the existing ones!

The map supports any number of players (1 to infinity) across all gamemodes. Feedback is welcomed!



  • Optimized performance.
  • Made the menu smarter.


  • Added two new battle tracks (“Pipe Plaza” and “Celestial Towers”)
  • Added tips that cycle in the main menu
  • Re-worked the bomb item
  • Fixed loads of NBT problems in 1.12
  • Fixed battles not ending properly
  • Fixed the repeating equip sound produced by players (fix only works with resource pack!)


  • Fixed a game-breaking bug with ender eyes in battle mode
  • Fixed the “inWater” objective not working for new players
  • Fixed some issues with hand-swapping
  • Added a new battle track to fluff the update


  • Items no longer need to be dropped to activate
  • Added a new item: Ghast
  • Added water boots which automatically deploy in water
  • Fixed item balancing
  • Map now includes a small resource pack (automatic in singleplayer)
  • Checkpoints have a larger trigger area (elytra friendly)
  • Teleporters now act as pseudo-checkpoints


  • Map now supports 1.12 (still good for 1.11.2)
  • Fixed issues related to entities losing scoreboard values (“Start Game” bug)
  • Fixed detection for Minecraft version not working with mobs disabled
  • Added a new option for eternal daytime
  • Race results are now shown in chat after a race
  • Battle wins are now tracked and displayed
  • Updated readme.txt with ideal server settings and more information on track submissions


Download - Minecraft – Mario Kart In Minecraft Game Map

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