Minecraft – Living Maze Map

Living Maze Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to the Living Maze! Not the whole maze is moving or interactive but there are quite some segments where walls move by themselves.

New passages open up and others close.

The objective is simple like in any maze, find the exit.

The first part of the maze requires you to find 4 items which are placed in chests.

Once you’ve found these you can progress to the next section.

The second part requires some more item collecting to eventually end up at the exit and make your way out of the maze.

At first it was just a find the exit kind of maze, however, since you could litterally skip big portions of the maze we decided it would be best to scatter items to collect.

This way the maze has a little bit more longevity and you can’t skip all of the fun stuff that is hidden for you.

There is a little parkour in it as well. It is a challenging map since there is no regen on your health. Damage you take is permanent.

There are check points along the way which you can choose to use or not.

This map was made in version 1.11.2. I did have forge installed with optifine.

If it gives you any warnings about mods just continue, no mod was used to create this map.

Credit(s): LUXIE

Download - Minecraft – Living Maze Map

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