Minecraft – Liberation Adventure Map

Liberation Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.10.2 Map Version 1.0.8

Seamlessly fusing vanilla and created structures, this map tests skill, wits, and perseverance. Liberation follows the story of a daring professor sent to explore a simple monument when he uncovers a most dangerous plot.

This map has exactly 300 command blocks, and uses intricate redstone and creative sets to tell an exhilarating story. Put your skills to the test in multiple puzzles including finding hidden chests, memory, trivia, parkour, and fighting specialized custom mobs.


Single Player
Custom Villager Shops
Custom Mobs
Hidden Easter Eggs
2 parkour puzzles
Colourful conversations
Witty humor.
2 boss fights
1 to 2 hours of game play

Test:This mod not tested!

Credit(s): ORFLEK & OLLIE

Download - Minecraft – Liberation Adventure Map

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