Minecraft – Lava Floor Game Map

Lava Floor Game Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

The lava floor challenge… a map design very famous currently. But This “Lava Floor” map is little different, a little modified.

This is “Lava Floor” by PeNgUiN2598 !

So, I hope you’ll have fun !

Game Modes:

  • A normal mode, where you just have to survive longer against flames.
  • An apocalypse mode, where mobs, such as ghast, blaze or creeper, will destroy the map faster .
  • An items mode, similar to the default mode, but with different items with special abilities. However, some will be trapped ! So, warning ! (For example, there are armor which give you a second life if you fall in lava).
  • A boss mode, where your goal is to defeat the golem, Without falling in lava. Also here, some random items will help you in your quest, like sword with one use, or grenade.


There’s 4 different difficulties:

EasyMediumHard and Hardcore.

The fire propagation will be modified by difficulties.

Credits: PENGUIN2598

File Details:1.1 MB / ZIP
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