Minecraft – Last Ditcher PVE Map

Last Ditcher PVE Map for Minecraft Version 1.15.2

But then, as it was too laggy to play, I have made a better and improved version of this game.

Things that I have remade or added:

  • -Classic Mode map
  • -Zombie Apocalypse Map(Also Extended to 100 waves but not completed)
  • -Cave mode(Remade into one block width map)
  • -Horror Cave mode(Not horror enough)
  • -Boss Fight Mobs and Map
  • -Shop(Not completed)
  • -Training Area Map
  • +Damage icons(Made by BlueCommander)
  • +More Gun skins
  • -The world is no longer like normal minecraft
  • -Removed Mini-Gun, Pixel Gun(from Pixel Gun 3D) and Wizard Wand(from Pixel Gun 3D)
  • -New GameMode(Zombie Apocalypse but supplies in the chest instead of buying stuff)
  • -Limited Ammo System for some weapons
  • -Add a button that can make sure other players can use the gun Since I use the scoreboard to make

New Weapons:

  • -Healing Rifle
  • -Golem Thrower
  • -Arrowave
  • -Gravitational Gun(Unique)
  • -Flamethrower(Not Fire Thrower)
  • -Double Barreled Shotgun


Changed the damage to 35
Changed to system so that it will have less bugs

Machine Gun:
Changed the damage to 70
Changed the system

Assault Shotgun:
Increased the damage a lot
Longer reloading time
Changed the system

Desert Eagle:
Changed the damage to 80
Added new model to the gun
Changed the system

Sniper Rifle:
Increased the damage to 150
Nerfed the firing speed to 2s
Changed the system

Increased the reload speed to 6s
Changed the system
Increased the damage

Laser Crossbow:
Changed the damage from instant-kill to 1000 damage
Changed the capacity from 4 to 1
Changed the system

Heavy Machine Gun:
Changed the system so that it won’t replace other slots
Buffed the damage to 100

Changed the model and damage
Freezewave: Increased the reload duration from 3s to 3.5s
Buffed the freeze duration to 5s(From 2s)

Fire Thrower:
Changed the system to make it better
Triple Ka-Boom!
No longer using semi-auto mode
Reduced the capacity from 4 to 3
Made the arrow explosive three times
Removed the “Gun” Word from the weapon
Added the model to the gun

Ultimatum Shotgun:
Added the model to the gun
Changed the system

Added the model to the gun(From Pixel Gun 3D)
Buffed the damage to 250

Laser Power:
No longer using semi-auto mode
Nerfed the firing speed to 0.25s per bullet
Buffed the damage


  • 1.Don’t cheat!!!!!!!!
  • 2.Try not to play it on multiplayer as the other player(s) may cannot use the gun and it will cause lag
  • 3.Set the render distance to 18 or more
  • 4.Not to break any blocks(except the chest you placed in the classic mode)
  • 5.If there is more than one player, only one person use the gun(Except pistol which supports multiplayer) [Commands of changing gamemode to spectator mode: /trigger commands set 10 and adventure: /trigger commands set 11]
  • 6.Don’t spam click any button or signs
  • 7.Don’t use any modpacks(Except some mod that it can reduce mob lag), datapacks or resourcepack
  • 8.Turn up the master voice to hear the gun sounds)
  • 9.Boss fights is suggested to be singleplayer to play it
  • 10.Don’t try to kill yourself when a wave is over, it may cause bug.
  • 11.Click the sign between the redstone lamps to enable the guns if you can’t use any.
  • 12.Low FPS is not suggested to play this game as it will heavily lag(Not as much as before) when you play

Credits: GODSPEED2883

Download Link #1

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