Minecraft – Lamb Sauce! Finding Map

Lamb Sauce! Finding Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

In this minigame you play as a chef in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and he wants his lamb sauce!

Each round lamb sauce is scattered around the map and you need to find it and bring it back to him before time runs out.

After doing so the next round begins, with 1 more lamb sauce to find and 2 more fake sauces scattered around the map.

There are also bonus time and speed power ups that randomly spawn in order to give you a better chance of succeeding in the later rounds.

Can you beat the highscore and give Gordon Ramsay all the sauce he needs?


This map is playable in single or multi player compatible. To play in single player, place the world folder your minecraft saves folder and play! To play in multiplayer use the world folder on your server and give all players access to the resource pack which is also in the download.


  • Infinite Rounds
  • Custom Audio Effects
  • Large map with many possible outcomes and hiding spots
  • Highscore system

Credit(s): CLOUD_WOLF

Download - Minecraft – Lamb Sauce! Finding Map

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