Minecraft – Jamp! Parkour Map

Jamp! Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

In JAMP!, the goal is not just to get to the end the fastest, but in doing so, distract and ruin the chances of your opponents to get to the end.

You will gather various tools, items, weapons, and mob eggs called SHENANIGANS that you will use to prank your foes and decrease their chances of winning.

You should expect to be thrown into 10 challenging levels, of the following design:

  • 1. Square patterns, with parkour blocks that correspond to what axes they are on
  • 2. Checkerboard walls with rainbow pillars
  • 3. Labyrinthine outer layer with blocks that correspond to placement on the outer maze
  • 4. Spiral pattern with nether portal-esque block design
  • 5. Fire patterns with lava floor, jumping across jutting stones
  • 6. Cloudy sky patterns, jumping along the clouds.
  • 7. Brick design with ruins as the parkour blocks
  • 8. Playing die with jutting black sectors as blocks
  • 9. Underwater themed parkour cube with coral pillars
  • 10. Rainbow tiles with gold corners and stained glass

Each design is pristine and smooth, taking advantage of the new and deluxe concrete blocks.

I love their design, and I love what you can do with them.

Any number of players is allowed, and please, have fun playing JAMP!

Credit(s): HENZOID

Download - Minecraft – Jamp! Parkour Map

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