Minecraft – ITS Parkour Race! Map

ITS Parkour Race! Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 2.0

Welcome to It’s A Parkour Race! – A multiplayer parkour racing map.

This map compiles many different types of parkour including Ender Pearl parkour, the dropper, Half A Heart parkour, parkour with Status Effects, Timed Races, and more! This map requires skill, speed and perseverance as you fight to race your way to victory!

This map can be both:

  • Multiplayer – There is no player limit. Everyone can play!
  • Singleplayer – While it will certainly be less fun in single player, if you cannot find any friends to play with you then solo works too!

Credit(s): MESSENGER_

Download - Minecraft – ITS Parkour Race! Map

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